Nhân Vật Chính

Nhâ Vật Chính
Vẻ Ngoài
Giới TínhNam
Màu TócNâu nhạt
Màu mắtXám
Thông Tin
MQHFrank (father)

Nhân vật chính là hóa thân của người chơi trong Summertime Saga, và như vậy, được gọi bằng tên do người chơi chọn ở đầu trò chơi. Anh ta là nhân vật chính xung quanh người mà nhiều câu chuyện đang được viết, nhưng cũng là người kể chuyện của những sự kiện này.

Mối quan hệ gia đình duy nhất được biết đến của anh ấy là người cha đã qua đời của anh ấy.


The main character is an eighteen‐year‐old teenager. He is slim, has an average height, short brown hair, and grey eyes. He appears heavily endowed in his private parts, to the point of arousing a certain curiosity among those who witness it.

He displays no frivolity and is satisfied with a plain white T‐shirt and orange shorts.


He is quiet and reserved, and keeps an optimistic smile on his face even in difficult times. Overcoming the ordeal of his father’s loss, the main character’s strength lies in his unwavering drive to go through life.

The main character is altruistic and kind, trying to help anyone before his own priorities. Resolute when coming to stand up for what is wrong, he is always here to defend those who are bullied, especially Judith and Erik.

Although a charmer, the main character is hugely ignorant about sex in general. He knows what it is, but whenever any sexual encounter happens to fall into his lap, he usually has the women take the lead.


The story starts with the main character attending his father’s burial. He presently lives with Debbie, a friend of his father, and Jenny, her egotistical tenant. Both of them are in financial trouble, with Debbie threatened to pay off an old debt. He now has to juggle with school life, finding a part‐time job, severe debt, and getting a date. But the main character can count on his friends and the local figures to assist him in his lustful journey!

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